We are here to give you and your child a wonderful and memorable experience through learning and laughing. We have an excellent facility filled with everything your child needs to expand their imagination and have fun all the while gaining the knowledge needed to develop into their next steps and milestones.

We are Licensed, Insured and Genna is Certified with Child Care First Aid with Level B CPR and AED as well as Child Development Level 1. We are an Accredited Day Home Operator with a local agency that has a rigorous application process and they visit us a minimum of 6 times annually as part of being Accredited.

Learn more about Genna here: http://thelaughingtree.ca/genna-and-baby-austin/

Although the day home does share a roof with our smoke free and pet free home it is a completely separate facility with it’s own entrance, bathroom, kitchen and more. It is a walkout suite completely dedicated to The Laughing Tree. So we offer an experience that has the advantages of a commercial daycare facility with a safe dedicated space but still the coziness and personal touch a day home provides.

We do not have a TV anywhere in The Laughing Tree. Kid’s get plenty of screen time these days so we provide an oasis from the flashing lights and focus on the fun crafts and activities planned for their day.

The Laughing Tree serves up fresh healthy food for your mini’s with a focus on fruits, vegetables , whole grains and meat with no preservatives. Sweets like cake or chocolate are reserved for Birthdays only but Genna does challenge herself to make “treats” that are actually healthy throughout the week 🙂

Here is a sample schedule and menu: http://thelaughingtree.ca/sample-schedule-and-menu/

We have a wonderful fully fenced yard with toys and activities for the children to enjoy and spend plenty of their time outdoors weather permitting.

We are located in beautiful Bayside, Airdrie. Which gives us access to scenic walking nature paths along canals, play grounds, grass fields, ice rinks and more.

Lets Talk! You can reach me here: http://thelaughingtree.ca/contact/